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Comments from the 2022 Client Survey:

“You are all doing an excellent job, very helpful, cheerful, kind, and shows compassion. Thank you!!!”

“Provides an incredibly good service by providing food and basic needs for families and individuals with a low income. Thank you!!! God Bless!!!”

“Thank you for your help. You are doing an especially important service for the community in need.”

“This is a good idea because many people have lost their jobs or have very little income and the cost of living has increased a lot. Very good help. Thank you.”

“The best thing that God has given us. Thank you very much. God bless you. Blessings to all of you.”

“I think they should give less canned products and be able to give people fewer foods but better products such as milk, eggs, chicken, meat, and vegetables.”

“Great. But would like more protein and rye/pumpernickel bread instead of white bread. Need Paper Towels Not enough food for three people.”

“Excellent organization with incredibly helpful staff!” “Good people skills, understanding and caring.”

“I am very grateful for the help. I would like to receive more fresh products than canned.”

“It's a big help for my family, and the food pantry is good because it is varied.”

“It's a great service provided to those in need of assistance, especially in this time of hardship.”

“Very good help to me. It helps me more in fruits and vegetables. We buy less now.”

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